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Big Act

Seriously creative communications. It’s what we do. Bold approach. Expansive thinking. Powerful storytelling. We challenge convention. It takes a certain attitude, creativity, action and hard work. And we’re not afraid of hard work. It’s in our genes.

As part of the ctn group, we’ve been turning clients’ ambitions into reality for 25 years.

Creative Solutions

In a world crammed with content it’s tough to get your message out – it takes a serious creativity. Inquisitive by nature, fast-moving and light on our feet, we combine inspiration, insight and intelligence to drive lasting engagement. We tune in and get to the heart of it, tapping into our expertise to tell irresistible stories and create moments that people don’t forget.

We’re proud of what we do.



Film is immersive, intimate and inspirational. It changes behaviour, sways opinion and gets a reaction. We’ve crafted award-winning films, animation and documentaries that raise brand awareness, launch new products and engage employees.  


Here are some of the types of films we produce:


- Documentary

- Drama

- Animation

- Multicamera

- User-generated


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We create campaigns that cut it. Campaigns that hit the message home. That are bold, brave and demand attention. We do it by digging deep to understand who you are, what you want to say and why you want to say it. We experience it with you. Then we find the best way to get the message out.


Here are just some of the types of campaigns we create:


- B2C

- B2B

- Employee engagement

- Integrated

- Social media

- Digital


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Our events are experiences. We stage summits, exhibitions, conferences and galas all over the world. We plan, design and deliver everything, including the content. We bring people and remote audiences together using live broadcasting and streaming. We connect you with your audience, wherever they are.


Here are just some of the event experiences we create:


- Brand engagement

- Employee engagement

- Investor relations

- Media events

- Hospitality

- Global summits

- Gala dinners


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Live Streaming


Broadcasting is in our blood. Live streaming, video news release, satellite feeds, the first ever simultaneous live link-up – we’ve been breaking vital new ground and sending out important messages to global audiences for years. We’ve got the capability and know-how and there’s never a glitch on our watch.


Here are just some of the ways we broadcast your message:


- Webcasting

- Satellite

- Outside broadcast

- Mobile streaming

- Video news release


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Employee Engagement


There’s power in people. We connect and inspire employees so your business is aligned, productive, and thriving. We find out where the gaps are and where improvements need to be made. Then we craft strategies and campaigns that cut to the chase, effect the change you want to see and get your business to where you want to be.


Here are just some of the ways we engage employees:


- Cyber awareness

- Diversity and inclusion

- Brand activation and alignment

- Global town halls

- Rewards and recognition


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Everything’s connected. Web, mobile, social – it’s all digital. But we don’t reduce the world to algorithms – we make it about people. Strategy, content, experience design – we come up with the smartest ways to connect you to the people you want to reach. We create integrated experiences using content – films, articles, images – to amplify your message.


Here are some of the ways we help our clients with their digital needs:


- Strategy

- Content

- VR, AR and other technology

- Immersive experiences

- Analytics and measurement

- Platforms

- Design and user experience


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