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Ho Raven

I’m excited to be joining Embolden at a time when the business is undergoing a step change. During my time working in-house at KPMG with consultants and strategists, I saw first-hand a growing and unmet need from clients who were seeking the rigour, discipline and methodologies from a consultative approach, coupled with their desire for creativity found in creative agencies.

Initial discussions with the leaders at Embolden made me realise that the team had a unique combination and approach.

At Embolden, the team has undergone an incredible journey, witnessing first-hand events that have shaped the creative and communications industry over the past 25 years. The team at Embolden, part of the ctn group, have worked with leaders of nations and captains of industry for global brands.

It’s this perspective that has shaped their experience and expertise, coupled with a fierce determination to constantly innovate and challenge convention. It’s a place and culture where I feel most at home.  It makes the team and agency an exciting place to join.

It was during the initial meetings with the team that they shared with me their heritage in journalism from their days as CTN, their desire to seek the truth in story-telling, and their plans to launch as Embolden. It was a clear demonstration of their willingness to explore new possibilities and creativity. It makes the team and agency an exciting place to join.

For me, the importance of Digital cannot be underestimated in the role it plays for brands and how it can be used to bring stories to life, change perceptions and move people.

Creatively, we are exploring new ways to connect audiences through digital technologies. I’m like a kid in a sweet shop when I speak with the team about the ideas for the clients that we work with.


Every one of the team here has a deep curiosity and it shapes the way we creatively connect the ideas and technology and communications platforms, whether it’s an experiential event, augmented reality, virtual, mixed media or traditional linear short-form or long-form film. It is in the creative idea and content, and flawless execution for these platforms, that will bring the stories to life.

I feel incredibly lucky to be with a team who just gets it and works together without silos or compartmentalising. The team is driven and focused on solving complex business challenges for clients and it is an incredibly fun place to be doing this together.


Ho Raven, Head of Digital