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What would you do if you found yourself caught up in a firearms or weapons attack? It’s a terrifying thought, and, while it’s thankfully rare, knowing what to do could save your and other people’s lives.

To help with this, we produced three information films giving people advice on how to recognise and deal with suspicious behaviour and suspicious items, and what to do if they were caught up in an attack. The films were specifically aimed at Brits on holiday or travelling abroad.


Using dramatic reconstruction, our films were set in ‘typical’ holiday destinations. It was important to make the scenarios as authentic as possible. They needed to be realistic and credible without over-sensationalising the topic.

They needed to convey a sense of sometimes life-threatening urgency without scaring people.

In the event of an attack, people will need to react quickly and obviously under conditions of extreme stress, so the instructions needed to be clear and simple. We delivered these key messages through voice over and on-screen graphics, using repetition to aid recall.

Our clients were the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, the Home Office, and travel organisation ABTA.


9m+ views

on social media and growing all the time.

Over 23,000

holiday reps, hotel and tourism workers have seen the films.


language translations including French, Spanish, Arabic, Swahili, Filipino and Thai.

Silver & Bronze

at the 2017 EVCOM Screen Awards at BAFTA.