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Thinking big is what we do best. We’re always on the lookout for new ideas and ways of doing things. Interested in what we’re up to? Follow us to stay tuned.

Breakfast with the BFI

<p>Beyond the<br /> hype</p>

Beyond the

Our Strategy Director Jay Short was recently invited to speak at iCEE.fest in Bucharest. As one of the largest digital technology events in Europe, Jay was able to speak to an audience of hundreds on the subject of 'Technology – Beyond The Hype'.

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<p>Jay<br /> Short</p>


As well as being crazy about cricket, Jay is a guru on all things technology-related, with the mantra: "it’s got to be for a good reason, not just a gimmick".  He loves working with clients to find out how we can help them achieve their goals. Listen to our interview with Jay Short, Strategy Director.

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<p>Ho-Yun<br /> Raven</p>


I’m excited to be joining Embolden at a time when the business is undergoing a step change. During my time working in-house at KPMG with consultants and strategists, I saw first-hand a growing and unmet need from clients who were seeking the rigour, discipline and methodologies from a consultative approach, coupled with their desire for creativity found in creative agencies.

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<p>Brand Films<br /> Doc-Style</p>

Brand Films

Documentary film-making and corporate brand films have historically been uneasy bed fellows. But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Production values and editorial integrity are as important to our clients’ films as they are to traditional TV docs.

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<p>Think like<br /> a start up</p>

Think like
a start up

What’s the ideal age to set up a start up? Twenty-five, or thereabouts, according to Y Combinator, an elite, business accelerator (www.ycombinator.com). Meanwhile, the Kauffman Foundation (www.kauffman.org) says the average age of successful start-up founders is 40, and high-growth start-ups are almost twice as likely to be launched by people over 55.

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<p>Not Just<br /> an event</p>

Not Just
an event

Research (and common sense) shows that collaborative, interactive experiences have a deeper, longer lasting impact than the traditional top-down, speaker-led event model. This understanding has created a real macro shift in the events sector, towards experiential events.

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