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The Royal Navy is your Navy. Active and engaged globally 365 days a year, we all know they are there to protect us and our nation’s interests. But what do they do? What does being part of the 30,000 highly skilled sailors and Royal Marines really mean?


The mission was to educate an increasingly diverse audience about the work that the Royal Navy does, build public confidence in the naval service and explain why Britain needs a naval service. The Royal Navy plays a vital role in protecting the UK’s economic interests that many of us have never even considered. With this in mind we created a memorable ‘flagship’ film called ‘What the Royal Navy does’, that would grab viewers’ attention and convey the sheer scale of the Royal Navy’s contribution and 24/7 global presence.

We produced seven films in total that sit within their annual flagship presentations. The films ultimately transformed the way the Royal Navy could present their external communications and deliver key messages to any audience.



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"The RNPT films successfully communicate why the Royal Navy plays such a vital role in protecting the UK’s economy. They have been received well by audiences around the country and continue to be at the forefront of the Royal Navy’s overall external communications strategy."

Commander John Gardner

Royal Navy Presentation Team