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A European

Taxand, the world’s largest independent tax organisation, and TEI (Tax Executives Institute) wanted to connect their European based members for a seminar focusing on local insights and a broader European perspective - without the burden of international travel.


Using London as our base, we broadcast three plenaries to audiences in Amsterdam and Bern.

The day was structured in two parts. Local only sessions were planned for the morning and a connected event for the afternoon. Leveraging the high-speed internet access at each location, we used Google Hangouts for two-way connectivity. By using large screen TV monitors at each location, as well as hosts to manage the three-way communication, the audiences could interact with each other and with the speakers.

TEI - Taxand

Cutting edge technology

Allowed speakers from Denmark, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK to deliver their expertise to an international audience in one day.

5 hours

Live stream

Client Testimonial

We trusted Embolden to deliver this event because of their historical expertise in television and their innovative approach to problem solving. Taxand, like TEI, is a global organisation with members spread across the world and we were delighted that Embolden could facilitate the unique needs of this event.